Does Creatine Work?

Supplements are a pretty big thing when it comes to bodybuilding, with creatine being one of the most popular. Last year alone there was a total of creatine-monohydrateover 100 million dollars’ worth of sales for this particular supplement, so needless to say that people around the world are consuming it at great quantities. Now when something becomes this popular, it is quite common to find misinformation online, but hopefully I will clear most of it here.

When people ask me “does Creatine works?”, I first start off by explaining what Creatine is. Creatine is nothing more than a combination of 3 amino acids: arginine, glycine, and methionine. If you know anything about amino acids then you already know that 2 of the latter are non-essential while 1 is. Creatine is also a completely natural product since it is found in red meat and is also produced by the body. So in short, yes, creatine does work. It brings with it many benefits with the most prominent being its ability to hydrate muscle cells. What this does is it increases the number if ions available in said cells, which in turn increases protein synthesis. In terms of noticeable Creatine results, this supplement will make you stronger, bigger, and give you more energy for your workouts since Creatine is also a preferred fuel source for your body.

Many people also wonder how they should take their Creatine. The recommended Creatine dosage is one focused around a loading and maintenance period. This is because the full benefit of Creatine is only seen when one’s cells are saturated with it, and such saturation can take a long time (up to 30 days) to occur when one is using a small dose of say 5g, depending of course on his lean body mass. By loading using a 15-25g dose for 5 days, and then following up on that with a maintenance dose of 3-5g, one can start seeing results faster. It is not necessary to load on Creatine, but it is recommended by most people as the best and most effective Creatine cycle.

Remember that Creatine is a supplement like any other, and although it is safe, your body will get used to it over prolonged periods of use so make sure you cycle on and off for best results. There are many Creatine products out there, some are good some are bad, but one I can recommend is Creapure Creatine.

I hope you guys have learned something new from this article; thanks for reading and see you next time.